KARIBU AFRICA - Let Us Organize Your Safari


Welcome to the presentation of our ELA 
(Organisation for Education, Literacy, Art)

There was a wish...of? 
Nobody to redeem, or force our views on issues upon.
We simply wished to contribute. 
What exactly? 
Our knowledge, experiences, will and positive power of mind, great energy with aim to improve standards of education and its access in the place where it is not so self-understood 

as it is to most of us.
We have chosen Africa. 

Continent of colors, sun, music, noise, joyful kids, happiness, laughter, challenges and their solutions…
Despite all wealth that Africa itself contains, 
education in many sides is still privilege and not Human right.

Education, Literacy, Art are main areas of ELA organisation.

Divine appreciation to all, who are assisting us...

Heartfelt and honest apprecaition to each and everybody of You, who is part of us. Through positive inspiration, support, kind gestures to help us run our projects efficiently. You are divine, without You, who are part of Us, we wouldn't be where and what we are!

Thank YOU/ 
Taonga ukwongwa =)