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Your safety is our number one priority !

With MOYO EXPERIENCE SAFARI Ltd you are always on the safe side. With many years of experience we can advise you the best itinerary for your interests and budget.  With our international partners we can assist you with plane tickets for reasonable prices and lead you from your home trough African continent and back home to assure you the best voyage of your life.  When you finalize your perfect itinerary, you get the username and password of your voyage and we assist you with preparations and with our experience lead you all the way to Africa.

Many safari companies currently operate in Tanzania without a Tourism Agent License (TALA). This license is issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism of Tanzania only to companies that meet the strict operating requirements set out in the Tourism Act (what year is this act from). The Act focuses on the safety requirements of a company whilst on safari, professional conduct of the company and its staff in relation to the handling of tourists and whether the company adheres to the rules and regulations of operation in the National Parks ensuring that companies have minimum negative impact on the environment. Companies that fail to qualify for a TALA license cannot legally carry tourists, which means all insurances carried by the company and travel insurance of guests would be considered “Null and Void”.

MOYO EXPERIENCE SAFARI Ltd. has a current TALA License, all guests are covered by our public liability insurance (AON), all vehicles are comprehensively insured and we have emergency evacuation systems put in place to ensure that we can deal with any emergencies that should arise.